9 Essential Tools for Professional Pest Control Companies

Check out these nine essential tools that pest control companies should consider adding to their arsenal. Pests, especially nocturnal creatures, can be difficult to locate and exterminate. However, a UV flashlight gives staff the power to locate them by locating urine and excrement. Under a black light, urine stains appear blue or yellow, making them easy to see.

It is important to provide appropriate eye protection equipment for UV light, as this can harm human eyes. A pesticide sprayer is also an important tool for pest control companies. Simply fill the sprayer with the pesticide solution, add a foaming agent and shake the device to activate the foam. Then, use the fine nozzle to spray the pesticide behind cabinets, under the floor, and in other hard-to-reach areas.

Having this equipment indicates to customers that they have a true professional who solves their problem. In addition to a pesticide sprayer, pest control companies should also have a small dustpan and a hand broom or a blending broom in their inspection kit. These tools help carry out small cleanings and are especially useful for cleaning up mouse droppings and material from mouse nests. Cleaning up mouse droppings (or asking customer staff to do so) is an important inspection technique.

Pest control technicians must comply with safety regulations listed on pesticide and chemical product labels. The right mobile pest control software application increases the efficiency of technicians by providing them with the schedules, customer information, and forms they need to do their jobs. Pest control jobs often require technicians to climb stairs, get into tight spaces, and demonstrate extraordinary endurance and dexterity. We sell professional products for pest control (DIY), exterminators and exterminators, pesticides, chemicals and anti-insect treatment products to spray, eliminate and exterminate pests.

ServiceTitan is a comprehensive business pest control software solution created specifically to help companies optimize their operations, increase revenues and achieve growth. Their pest control technicians regularly approach remote areas and handle powerful chemicals, so they need the equipment needed to tackle a wide variety of challenges. Insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and other pest control and lawn care products are most effective when applied correctly. In addition, many of these supplies are available from your local and national pest control retailer.

Some pest control companies have purchased their own; others suggest that their customers hire a plumbing company with an industrial-quality sewer chamber. Previously, a pest control contractor had tried to eliminate this population, causing pharaoh ants to sprout everywhere and probably create hundreds or even thousands of individual nests. This way, you can ensure their safety and compliance with the law, since these gloves are also a legal requirement for pest control equipment. We have the pest control equipment, tools and parts you need, which minimizes downtime and keeps you working.

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